For beautiful New Mexico Plaster and Stucco, Call Stucco Albuquerque Contractors

When you look around the beautiful high desert of Albuquerque, there is no exterior finish that highlights our traditional construction more than stucco. Tough, durable, resilient, weather, water, and fire resistant, stucco is a timeless material that cures back into a form of limestone. It can easily last 50+ years on your home or business. It adds ambiance and increases the valuation of your property, and is a sought after finish in many developments and remodeling projects.
There are many stucco contractors Albuquerque NM has listed that only do particular types of stucco, or it is not their specialty. We only do stucco and plaster, and we have years of experience and take great pride in our trade. Stucco is a combination of artistic ability, craftsmanship, and knowledge.
Interior plaster also is used extensively in our climate, as it is a lasting, washable interior finish that can be done in a myriad of colors and patterns. We can do traditional plaster with combed or troweled patterns, or more creative, high end finishes like Venetian plaster. Contact us for a free quote, and see let us work with your decorator or contractor to help plan a remodel or new build that you truly love.
Stucco is easy to maintain, requiring a light pressure washing annually and resealing suggested every 4-5 years. Walking your exterior after storms and winter is always a good idea, and any issues you see, call us. We will be happy to provide a free quote for repairs your stucco or plaster might require, restoring your beautiful finish.
Stucco Albuquerque appreciates comes from Stucco Albuquerque Contractors. Call us or submit the contact form and learn why we are recommended so often by homeowners, contractors, and decorators over other stucco companies in Albuquerque and the surrounding area. We are locally owned and operated with years of experience.