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Stucco as an exterior finish is one of the most durable and reliable building exteriors money can buy in the American southwest. Lasting upwards of 50 years if maintained, stucco adds beauty and value to your property, while providing fire resistance and permeability to your structure. Many high-end developments and fine homes rely on the timeless appeal of a well finished stucco exterior to lend ambiance and class to a property.

When having stucco work done, it is important to hire a stucco contractor that is experienced and knows their craft. Truly an art form, stucco is more than handling a trowel and making pretty, often mesmerizing patterns. A lot of the timeless appeal and especially the durability of the material depends heavily on the expertise of the tradesman mixing the stucco, knowing exactly the right consistency and feel given the particular application, kind of stucco, and weather at the time.

Few if any contractors will warrant stucco from cracking below a particular width of gap. It tends to be the nature of the material. As buildings settle, climate conditions shift, and damage in the form of holes drilled, punched, or those created by non-properly prepared window, door, and outlet openings, all offer starting points for cracks to run.  This is why regular inspection of your stucco by a qualified stucco contractor in Albuquerque NM is a good idea.

Whether you have one or three layer stucco, or EIFS (exterior finish and insulation systems), you need a professional who knows not only what you have, but how to fix what you have, when you need stucco repaired.

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Your stucco covered building should be inspected thoroughly at least once a year for any cracks, holes, or breakdown in the material. Cracks need to be addressed, and not just caulked and painted, as this may seal moisture in the wall and stucco facing itself and lead to much worse issues. It is especially important to inspect your stucco after hail- storms, high winds, or seismic activity.

This is not to say you should not clean and wash your stucco for fear you might introduce moisture. If your stucco has been maintained and properly sealed, it is strongly suggested to take a cloth and mild dish detergent to gently scrub off marks on your finish, then rinse with a hose. Annual gentle pressure washing is also suggested, and a thorough inspection before you do is a good time to see if you have issues that need looked at by a professional.

Every 4-5 years it is a good idea to have your stucco waterproofed. A lot of people think if they are in a desert climate they can skip this step, but Albuquerque has extreme weather that include summer gully washers and winter storms. Cleaning and sealing your stucco is an investment that pays off over a very long return time compared to paint and other exteriors.

It is not suggested to paint your stucco. Stucco can be stained at the onset and the colors rarely fade. Paint can actually damage the face of your stucco, seal in moisture, and reduce the breathability of your home.  Paint, like repairs, often just seals in the problems, especially moisture, or masks issues, like rusting gutters. This can lead to stucco failure or worse, threatening the structural integrity of your building.

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When you do the inspection on your home or business’s stucco exterior, look for areas around windows and doors that appear darker, or a little droopy. This is usually a sign of retained moisture. Check any area of flashing, such as around chimneys and rooflines. A quality stucco contractor should have taken care of any chimney issues when your stucco was originally applied. Most roofing contractors will make sure adequate flashing is in place to accommodate lath and stucco applications. If not, they are both highly suspect areas for moisture intrusion. Vents, electrical outlets, gutters, and deck attachments are also problem points to check.

As strange as it sounds, smell your stucco, especially in any area that a depression appears, looks dark, or looks like it is lifting or crumbly. Healthy stucco will smell entirely different than stucco that has mold, mildew, or moisture behind it. If you smell mold in your home, you probably already have an issue.

Touch your stucco. The older your stucco is, the harder it will feel, as stucco continues to cure over the years, turning back into stone.  It should not feel crumbly or give a lot when you do. If it does, there most likely issues underneath. Moisture that gets under stucco, especially during freezing and thawing weather, can cause damage in less than a year after stucco is applied. If the original stucco contractor did not do a quality job, stucco can start to give way in this same time frame.

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When you have questions about whether or not you need a repair to the stucco on your home or business, call the experts, Stucco Albuquerque Contractors. Our estimates are free. We will schedule a time convenient to you to come walk your property and do a detailed inspection to see what issue may exist and give you an estimate for professional repair. 

Only an experienced contractor that applies stucco should be utilized to fix your stucco issues. Too often we see stucco problems that are the result of the cheapest price or inexperienced stucco contractors. We also see issues where stucco was applied over underlying problems like wood rot, insect damage, or substandard substrate. Stucco is heavy, and if not constructed correctly, can hold moisture. It can also seal in problems, causing them to grow in your walls. Call us for a free estimate and let us inspect your property.

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When you see something in your stucco that does not look right, call the professionals at Stucco Albuquerque Contractors. We will come out and give you a free estimate, and explain what we find and how to fix it correctly. Whether traditional, synthetic, or an elastomeric stucco application, we know how to repair the material right the first time, and keep your building useful for a long time.