When you are considering an upgrade to the exterior of your home, consider durable, value enhancing stucco. Stucco’s stone-like appearance fits in well with our local terrain in the Albuquerque region, and provides a fire resistant, tough exterior on your home or business.

Stucco is hard and durable, and has been around for thousands of years as an exterior building cover to beautify and stabilize the exterior of structures.

When you are looking at stucco companies in Albuquerque, look for experience

Stucco in Albuquerque NM is truly a craft and art form. There are a lot of companies that want to cut corners or subcontract the work you need on your home or business for stucco, whether it be traditional, synthetic, or EFIS (exterior finish and insulation system). A lot determines the quality of the outcome on any stucco application. Knowing the materials, how weather and drying time interact, and proper application techniques all make a big difference in a finish that will last up to 50 years on your home versus one that cracks within weeks.  Hire Stucco Albuquerque Contractors and know you are getting a licensed and insured firm that knows what it takes to provide a quality job that lasts.

Albuquerque stucco contractors do not all offer the same kind of work

Sadly not all stucco companies in Albuquerque provide the same kind of work when they do stucco, and thus your quotes will be wildly different. Some companies shave corners and try to cover over old siding, wrapping it in some form of barrier and then putting wire or fiberglass mesh over it, then stucco. They often do not apply all the correct layers, starting with a base, lath, brown (or sand) layer and then the final stucco, trying to save time and money.

There are issues in exterior stucco when applied this way, as any wood rot, moisture issues, or insect damage is not seen or repaired. The stucco exterior basically covers up and encases the problem. Insulation opportunities are normally lost by this method of stucco exterior, as you do not have the chance to fill in between uprights and over them, where heat loss occurs the worst in your exterior walls.

Albuquerque stucco requires knowledge and time

A stucco contractor who knows what needs done properly will take down all the trim on your house, cover windows and doors, and remove any item such as an antennae or ironwork that could be damaged. They will remove siding, or inspect for any old stucco issues and damage – cracks, delamination, crumbling, anything that can compromise the integrity of your new stucco layers.

Since stucco is a permeable product, it does breathe with your home and allows vapor passage to some extent. This natural air exchange is necessary for the air health of your home, moisture control, and heating and cooling. Moisture barrier and sheeting will be applied, with a weep screed at the bottom to allow any potential condensation to drain and evaporate. Usually a wire wrap (lath) is done, something for the stucco to hold onto, and the lower gauge the wire, the heavier that wrap. Cheap stucco jobs will use the smallest wire they can get away with, resulting in lots of weight on a weak substrate. Stucco weighs between 6-10 pounds per square foot, so there is a lot of downward pressure on any wall that has stucco applied.

Stucco Is a mix of Portland cement, lime, water, and sand. The mix is very important and is usually always done in the field. That is a reason an experienced stucco crew needs to do the work, as experience is everything in knowing the conditions, how the mix should look and feel, and how it is applying. The stucco is most often hand troweled, but sometimes is sprayed depending on application. Patterns for the exterior of your home or business are varied and done by hand at this time, and will also determine to some extent the depth of your exterior layers.  Stucco needs time to cure, and some types in some areas will continue to cure for as long as a year. The longer stucco cures, the harder it becomes, which is one reason it is so durable over time.

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Stucco Albuquerque uses has some choices now

Stucco comes in a variety of colors and even textures, and your stucco contractor can help you choose the best and most attractive combination for your application. There are basic choices for the type of stucco and finish used in your application, namely cement based, or acrylic-elastomeric. There is also EFIS, or Exterior Finish and Insulation Systems, that are an insulation layer with a solid foam and exterior covering of synthetic stucco. These systems are most often utilized for commercial buildings and where trim work, window openings, and other architectural challenges exist. EFIS while highly flexible in application is not as durable as traditional stucco, and does not offer as high a fire resistance.

Stucco contractors Albuquerque recommends for exterior stucco

Will be able to explain the variety of application systems and materials they offer. Stucco Albuquerque Contractors will be happy to explain our application processes and the materials we recommend, and why. Our knowledge of Albuquerque’s unique surroundings and climate can help you make an informed decision to increase the beauty and value of your home or business with professionally applied stucco. Our quotes are always free and we look forward to working with you.